This book is a series of letters I wrote as a way of talking about my faith with my son, Caleb.  My goal in making it available to a wider audience is to fill a void by providing a resource for both adults and teens that simply and clearly articulates the basic beliefs of Christianity.

Before each letter I’ve included an introduction to give the adult reader some background information about what motivated me to address that particular topic and the reasoning behind the approach I took with it.   At the end of each letter are some questions for discussion, for adults and teens alike.   The book is designed to promote discussion between parents, teens, and people who are new to Christian faith about what they believe and why.

I pray Bringing Home the Faith  is a blessing to you and gives you what you need to get a conversation going.

Dear Caleb,

I’ve written this book to share with you the joy I’ve discovered in following Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.   Following Jesus is something with which we all need help along the way.  No one comes to faith in him on their own and no one remains a follower without role models to set an example and offer encouragement.

My journey began with Grandma and Grandpa, who raised me to worship God regularly and showed me how important it is to belong to a church.   When I went off to college, my roommate set an example for me by reading her Bible every morning and evening.  This made me want to find out what was in it that held her attention day after day.  After college, a friend of mine talked with me about the importance of confessing Jesus as my Savior.  It took all these Christian people, and more, to bring me along in faith.  I’ve written this book as a way of helping you on your journey with Jesus.

Bringing Home the Faith  is a series of ten letters which cover what I consider to be the essentials of Christian faith.  There are many more things that can be said, but here you’ll find what I think are the most important things to say to a fourteen-year-old.  You will notice I often cite passages from the Bible in my letters.  The Bible will be a great a source of strength and comfort to you throughout your life, if you turn to it, so I’m hoping you will get to know it well.

May these letters give you food for thought.  I am eager to hear your comments and questions.  God has given you a mind and heart to know Him and love Him and I look forward to the conversations we’ll have as you read this book.



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