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Losing Control (fourth in a series)

I used to be proud of my ability to fasten onto a goal and accomplish it – often beating the deadline for completion, even when it meant finishing all the work myself. I thought such determination was serving me (and God) well until one day, about nine years ago, I woke up to the fact that I had lost a sense of the Lord’s presence in my life. The irony in this is that all my self-discipline and hard work, which I thought was of such use to God, had only served to push him out of my life. Continue reading

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Losing Control (third in a series)

Thirty-one years ago I claimed Jesus as my Savior. But, over time, I lost sight of the fact that he is also my Lord. I stopped seeking his will and direction day by day, moment by moment. I started to assume any choice I made was in keeping with his will for me. I suppose I justified this assumption because I still claimed him as my Savior. Yet, I had conveniently lost sight of the need to continually submit to him as my Lord. I had, in effect, turned Jesus into my co-pilot. Continue reading

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Losing Control (second in a series)

Most people think of “sin” in terms of an action (or thought) that breaks one of God’s laws. But the law-breaking is simply an outward manifestation of an inward disposition. Sin is not a momentary lapse in judgment in an otherwise decent life. It is a way of life that is common to every human being because all of us are naturally self-centered and self-serving. Continue reading

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