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Scripture (last in a series)

For the past ten weeks I’ve shared my thoughts about Scripture with you. This week we hear from some well-known (and not so well-known) Christians on this topic:

Voltaire expected that within fifty years of his lifetime there would not be one Biblein the world. His house is now a distribution center for Bibles in many languages. – Corrie ten Boom Continue reading

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Scripture (tenth in a series)

The stories, images and words of Scripture should become our first and foremost frame of reference, so that our purpose and direction in life, our worth, and our allegiance are all defined by God’s word to us and not any other word. Yet, this won’t happen unless we turn to Scripture daily, several times a day, because God’s reality will become increasingly obscure to us, since its so unlike our own, and his unique and truthful voice will be drowned out by the messages and images with which we are constantly barraged. Those messages and images are the default lens through which we view life and unless we work consistently to change that, they will remain so. Continue reading

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Scripture (ninth in a series)

Last week I wrote a first installment about the discipline of contemplating Scripture. This week, to give you an idea of how the Holy Spirit can use contemplation to search our heart and mind and re-direct us, I offer an example from my own experience: Last fall I was contemplating the passage in Luke’s gospel where Jesus gets in Simon Peter’s boat and instructs him to “Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch” (5:4). The phrase that held my attention was “put out into the deep.” I prayed about this, asking the Holy Spirit to speak to me through these words and reveal to me whatever he wanted me to discover. Continue reading

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