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Finding Your True Self, part one

However, what we must consider is exactly what Jesus is asking us to disown. He is saying we must disown “ourselves” or more specifically, our “natural” self. Our natural self is our personality: our likes and dislikes, our thoughts and habits, the desires of our heart, as well as our unconscious and intuition. Now some of us may be quite satisfied with our natural self, but if we truly saw it for what it is, apart from Jesus, we probably would be quite happy to disown it. Continue reading

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Bringing Home the Faith (twelfth installment)

In addition to spending a great deal of time, every day, focusing on ourselves, we all have a tendency, when we hear we can’t have something, to begin to want it, and then, to resent anyone who keeps us from having it. For example: if you were to tell me that I could have anything I wanted to eat except peas, very soon I wouldn’t be able to get peas off my mind. And I don’t even like peas. But, I would begin to resent the fact that you told me I couldn’t have them. (“Who are you to tell me that?” I’d think.) I don’t like having limits imposed on me. Continue reading

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Bringing Home the Faith (eleventh installment)

The simple truth is that Jesus came to live in our world because something about human life had gone terribly wrong. But this deserves a fuller explanation. So, in order to understand what went wrong, what needed urgently and desperately to be fixed, we shall have to go back to the very beginning of the Bible. Continue reading

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