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Healing Prayer (twelfth installment)

As you pray for physical healing, keep in mind the details about the illness the person gave you before you began to pray. Keep your eyes open and on the person for whom you are praying so that you can see if there are any subtle changes to their physical appearance or bearing as they are being prayed for. Listen intently (once again, with your eyes open and directed on the person) for how the Holy Spirit is directing you and pray accordingly. Don’t be concerned if, while you are listening, there is silence for a period of time. Better to wait silently on the Holy Spirit than to be praying blindly aloud. If the person appears tense, invite him or her to relax. It’s perfectly fine if they fall asleep. Their job is to receive God’s healing, not bring it about. Likewise, those who are praying are conduits of God’s healing. Healing is a gift, like grace, and not a work accomplished by either those who are praying or the one receiving prayer. Continue reading

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Healing Prayer (second installment)

Praise is something that is offered to God continually in heaven, so as we praise him, now, we join our voices with the cherubim, seraphim and all the saints who have gone before us and who now stand before his throne, night and day, offering praise. Ioffer praise throughout the day, and especially when I’m outside. The natural world seems to be acclaiming God’s glory at all times of the year, but especially now. I see in tree branches “arms” raised in praise. Flowers and shrubs also seem to be exploding in praise as well as the insects that dance around them. When I take my morning walk with Daisy, our sweet beagle, and I offer praise to the Lord, I often notice a rustling in the leaves on the trees I walk past. I fancy the breeze is caused by the wings of angels who gather around me as I offer God praise. If we allow our imagination to take flight we will sense the entire created order joyfully praising God with us. Continue reading

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Bringing Home the Faith (sixth installment)

Every morning, when I first wake up, I begin praying to God. I’m not even out of bed at this point. I’m not even thinking about what I’m supposed to be doing or accomplishing or hoping for in the day ahead. My first thoughts are directed to God, because I’ve learned that the way to start any day is to begin with prayer – to make hanging out with Him the first and most important part of every day. Continue reading

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