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Healing Prayer (last installment)

As promised in an earlier post, I am providing some Bible verses which pertain to the healing of the body as well as of the soul and spirit. I find it helpful to declare a number of these verses aloud several times a day as a way of claiming for myself God’s promises about healing. In addition, I also speak directly to a particular illness and its symptoms, commanding it to cease its activity in my body, and I do so based upon the authority and power Jesus gives me. I cite for you those passages in which Jesus gives such authority and power over disease to his followers and I provide examples of such prayer commands. (Many thanks to my friend, Cynthia, who provided me with much of this material.) Continue reading

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Healing Prayer (thirteenth installment)

To those of you who have been reading these blog posts about healing prayer, either because you want to learn more about it, or because you are in need of such prayer, I offer this advice: ask around in your community to find out which churches or Christian prayer centers offer healing prayer – and if any of those churches have a solid track record of healings taking place – go and visit and find out what you can learn from them. This may take a bit of effort, but eventually you will get to know the people in your area who take seriously Jesus’ charge to go forth and preach and heal in his name and who allow the Lord to use them as conduits of his healing power. Continue reading

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Healing Prayer (twelfth installment)

As you pray for physical healing, keep in mind the details about the illness the person gave you before you began to pray. Keep your eyes open and on the person for whom you are praying so that you can see if there are any subtle changes to their physical appearance or bearing as they are being prayed for. Listen intently (once again, with your eyes open and directed on the person) for how the Holy Spirit is directing you and pray accordingly. Don’t be concerned if, while you are listening, there is silence for a period of time. Better to wait silently on the Holy Spirit than to be praying blindly aloud. If the person appears tense, invite him or her to relax. It’s perfectly fine if they fall asleep. Their job is to receive God’s healing, not bring it about. Likewise, those who are praying are conduits of God’s healing. Healing is a gift, like grace, and not a work accomplished by either those who are praying or the one receiving prayer. Continue reading

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