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Bringing Home the Faith (seventh installment)

I do not hesitate to bring to God my concerns and hopes, but, I always conclude by saying, “Thy will be done.” Jesus himself says this to his Father. By saying this, I am acknowledging that God knows even better than I what I truly need — and if (and when and how) I need it. He wants me to ask – and to keep asking – and He wants me to trust Him. So, I pour out my heart and then I leave things in His hands to do as He thinks best. Continue reading

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Bringing Home the Faith (fifth installment)

This prayer is a great example for how to construct your prayers so that you’re comfortable hanging out with God. When I started modeling my prayers on it I began to enjoy praying. I now want to pray throughout the day and, whenever I have a bit of free time, read from the Psalms, the prayers of King David.

To help you understand how to construct your prayers along the lines of the Lord’s Prayer, I’m going to divide it into four categories: praise, thanksgiving, confession and petition and give a brief description of each. Then I’ll say more about how I use these categories in my prayers. Continue reading

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Prayer (eleventh in a series)

For the past ten weeks I’ve been writing about components of prayer: praise, thanksgiving, confession, petition, and when needed, complaint. In the prayer Jesus taught his disciples, commonly known as the Lord’s Prayer, we see all but one of these elements. This leads me to conclude that genuine prayer almost always includes several components, not just one. Here is a brief summary of each: Continue reading

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