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Prayer (eighth in a series)

Praying about anything and everything teaches us to depend on God for all our needs and concerns, not just the ones we think we cannot handle. I try to pray this way myself – petitioning God as needs arise – on the spot. I no longer wait until I can fit prayer into my schedule because my schedule has a way of expanding unexpectedly, squeezing out time for prayer. So now I pray in the car, as I’m at my desk working on sermons or articles, while I’m taking a walk, cleaning the house or cooking dinner. As needs arise, I pray. Continue reading

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Prayer (seventh in a series)

For the past two weeks I’ve been writing about confession as a form of prayer. As I stated previously, the word confess means to agree, to admit, to acknowledge. When we confess, we are owning up to the truth about ourselves and about God. But confession is not just about admitting our sins; it is also about acknowledging our standing before God.

Our standing before God is this: through faith in Jesus Christ we become heirs, with him, of God’s heavenly kingdom. Our sins are forgiven and we are granted eternal life with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Now, when God sees us, he sees not our sins but the cleansing blood of Jesus upon us. (Hebrews 9:13-14, 22) Continue reading

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Prayer (sixth in a series)

Shame is about humiliation and fear. But with God, we have nothing to fear. He is tender, compassionate and forgiving. He will never humiliate us. Instead, he yearns for us to trust him with the truth we are afraid to admit and to let him pour his love into our hearts. I actually feel good now when I unload my sins before God. Saying, “I’m sorry,” has become a liberating experience instead of a debilitating one because I discovered God has a tender heart for me. Continue reading

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