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Martha and Mary (last in a series)

This story does not only address the tensions between two women who lived more that two thousand years ago. It speaks directly to modern Christians who tend to be busy with many things, except with what is truly necessary – spending time with Jesus. The point Jesus made to Martha is that time “at his feet” should come before everything else she felt obligated to do. What this means for us, practically speaking, is that we should rearrange our schedules and reorder our priorities so that time spent getting to know Jesus, better and better, and in the study of God’s word to us in Scripture, comes first. Continue reading

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Martha and Mary (part two)

So when Luke described Martha as being distracted with much serving, we can appreciate why. The word used to describe her state of mind means, “To draw different ways at the same time; to distract with cares and responsibilities.” (ibid, p. 1149) Who hasn’t experienced, at some point, what it feels like to go two different ways at the same time? Many cooks probably feel this way when entertaining family and guests for Thanksgiving. It isn’t hard to comprehend why Martha is upset. Continue reading

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Martha and Mary (part one)

To our modern ears, it may not sound unusual for someone to want to listen to what Jesus has to say, even if they’re shirking other responsibilities. After all, how often does one get to hear Jesus teach? But in first century Palestine, Mary was doing something shocking, something that only men were allowed to do – and her sister Martha, was quite upset about it. Continue reading

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