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Bringing Home the Faith (tenth installment)

In the Bible you’ll find the truth you need to hear at every step in your journey through life. For instance, I turn to Paul’s letters to the Romans and Galatians when I need to be reminded about God’s free gift of forgiveness through faith in Jesus. I turn to the stories about King David in 1 and 2 Samuel when I need to be reminded that God loves sinners. In Philippians, Colossians and Ephesians I hear again about the responsibilities I have to fellow Christians. The books of Daniel, Ezekiel and the Revelation to John remind me God is much larger than my imagination and deserves my awe and respect. Continue reading

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Bringing Home the Faith (ninth installment)

One of the many amazing things about these stories is that whenever we read or hear them, we begin to see a bit of ourselves in them. Whether it’s the old man, Abraham, who is both faithless, at times, and yet, full of trust in what God says He’s going to do, or King David, who loves the Lord, but makes a number of really poor judgment calls, or the Israelites, who always seem to forget, when faced with a new challenge in the wilderness, how God has always provided for their needs – on some level this is also our story. Continue reading

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Bringing Home the Faith (eighth installment)

To begin with, the Bible does not offer up facts so that we can add to our store of knowledge like other books of information do, such as an encyclopedia or a website that answers questions. The Bible does contain a lot of information, but the purpose of this information is not to help make us a smarter person, or even a better person.

Instead, the Bible helps us discover our need for God. It shows us, through the lives of the people God singles out to speak to, what happens when they choose to rely on themselves, and how wonderfully blessed their lives are when they choose to rely entirely on Him. In it we learn all about selfishness, greed, lust and hatred and how if left unchecked, these forces will just take over our lives. Continue reading

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