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Losing Control (sixteenth in a series)

Over the weeks I’ve written about the need to surrender our will, our virtues, our loved ones and our financial resources, but as I bring this series to a close, it is important to point out that even our thoughts, whether inane, profound or practical, should be yoked to Jesus. Since our relationship with Jesus is of such an intimate and intricate nature (John 14:23; Galatians 2:20) we should withhold nothing from him, inviting him to inhabit our mind in such a waythat he is privy to everything that runs through it. Continue reading

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Losing Control (thirteenth in a series)

In addition to our character traits, our natural abilities or skills such as leadership, administration, hospitality or those in the technical or mechanical realm must also be surrendered to the Lord. In his book, The Normal Christian Life, Watchman Nee gives the example of someone whose natural talent is public speaking – the ability to get up before a crowd of people and address them eloquently and without reservation. However, Nee notes, if that person uses her talent to preach without first surrendering it to the Lord, then she will inevitably end up calling more attention to herself than to Jesus. Continue reading

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Losing Control (twelfth in a series)

One could say that the Christian life is a life-long course in “Christ-likeness.” In a sense, we are students and Jesus is our Teacher. Therefore, we are not simply learning about our faith – or about Jesus as an abstract subject – we are learning how to live our life in the way that Jesus would live it if he were in our circumstances, both good and bad, with our unique gifts, talents and opportunities. In becoming like Jesus each of us is becoming our own unique self, as God intended, formed in his image (Genesis 1:27). Sin is responsible for the degree to which we do not currently “resemble” God. But through the Holy Spirit we can regain what was lost to sin; we can come to resemble our Father as we become, more and more, like his Son. Continue reading

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