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Light in the Valley of the Shadow of Death (part six)

Those who know me well, know that I thoroughly enjoy being an Anglican priest. Give me a congregation and I’m ready to go to work. So as I sat in the waiting room on that morning of my first appointment, with the verse from Philippians running through my head, I viewed the people around me as a “congregation” whom the Lord had set before me. I then prayed for my fellow patients, asking the Holy Spirit to direct my prayers. I made eye contact with those sitting nearby and smiled, with all the hope that was in me, asking silently for the Lord to mend their bodies and their hearts and bring to them the good news of salvation through his son, Jesus Christ. Continue reading

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Losing Control (fourteenth in a series)

Therefore, all relationships, especially our most cherished ones, must come under Jesus’ authority. We must seek his will in our dealings with those whom we love and not our own. When our relations with others do not come under his authority, we turn the people we care about into idols or use them as cover for our insecurities and end up causing them significant spiritual harm. Continue reading

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Losing Control (first in a series)

A person with an overly developed sense of responsibility tends to think that if they don’t take charge of something it won’t get done; or, more to the point, that it won’t be done right. It’s not that they think they can do things better than everyone else. More often than not, they just want to steer events toward an outcome they know they can live with. This is what it means for them that something is done “right.” Such a person makes it their business to have a directing hand in every thing that in some way effects their life, or the lives of those they care about. Is this now starting to sound familiar? Continue reading

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