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Bringing Home the Faith (fourteenth installment)

Was Jesus an unwitting victim, merely put to death by religious leaders who were jealous of his popularity among the people of Israel? Or, was he a willing sacrifice, who knew that his death was a central part of God’s plan of salvation from before time?

In this letter I talk about another important doctrine about Jesus called, the Atonement – how Jesus’ death set us right before God. Continue reading

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Prayer (seventh in a series)

For the past two weeks I’ve been writing about confession as a form of prayer. As I stated previously, the word confess means to agree, to admit, to acknowledge. When we confess, we are owning up to the truth about ourselves and about God. But confession is not just about admitting our sins; it is also about acknowledging our standing before God.

Our standing before God is this: through faith in Jesus Christ we become heirs, with him, of God’s heavenly kingdom. Our sins are forgiven and we are granted eternal life with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Now, when God sees us, he sees not our sins but the cleansing blood of Jesus upon us. (Hebrews 9:13-14, 22) Continue reading

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Prayer (second in a series)

Continually offering praise has the added benefit of placing us in the right frame of mind about God. I’ll be honest with you, I’m forgetful when it comes to remembering all God has done. So, by praising the Lord regularly, throughout the day, I am bringing to mind again and again these truths: 1) nothing is impossible for God; 2) he can overcome anything that threatens to harm me, and 3) God is working on my behalf despite my sins. So praising God reminds us there is no one more powerful in the universe than our Lord – and we can take our concerns straight to him. Continue reading

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