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Bringing Home the Faith (fifth installment)

This prayer is a great example for how to construct your prayers so that you’re comfortable hanging out with God. When I started modeling my prayers on it I began to enjoy praying. I now want to pray throughout the day and, whenever I have a bit of free time, read from the Psalms, the prayers of King David.

To help you understand how to construct your prayers along the lines of the Lord’s Prayer, I’m going to divide it into four categories: praise, thanksgiving, confession and petition and give a brief description of each. Then I’ll say more about how I use these categories in my prayers. Continue reading

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Bringing Home the Faith (fourth installment)

Prayer is one of those things that everyone agrees is important to do, like eating your vegetables or brushing your teeth before bedtime, yetmost of us don’t really think about prayer until we need something. Then, suddenly, we’re in full battle mode and we’re shooting off prayers left and right: “Dear God, please help me pass this test.” Or, “please don’t let me embarrass myself in front of the class tomorrow.” Or, “please make Grandma well again.”

Many people who pray in this way are like a small child tugging on his mamma’s sleeve, trying to get her attention while she’s talking on the phone: “May I have a cookie, please, please, please?” In a moment of need he is desperate to get God’s attention, but once the crisis has passed God is no longer on his mind.

Let me assure you that if you should end up praying like this, you will still have God’s attention. He is always alert and listening out for you, regardless of the quality of your prayers and the sincerity of your desire to be in contact with him. He is never tied up dealing with someone else’s problems and too busy for yours. In fact, he’s been right by your side all along, completely focused on you, just waiting for you to turn to him, to talk with him. But if prayer is only about tuning in when there’s something you want, or when you’re in trouble, you’re going to miss out on the power that comes from being in continual contact with God. Continue reading

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Bringing Home the Faith (third installment)

Here’s a good way to feel more at ease with God: thank him. Don’t think about this too much, just make a point throughout the day to stop what you’re doing or thinking and say (in your head or out loud), “thank you.” At first it will be a bit of an effort. But like any new friendship you’ve got to put in the time and effort. Soon the day will come when you just naturally talk to God and you feel comfortable conversing with him at all times of the day. Continue reading

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