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Losing Control (eighth in a series)

The process of losing control always involves a kind of death and resurrection. The theme of dying and rising to new life runs throughout the New Testament. For instance, when Jesus tells Nicodemus he must be born again (John 3:3), Jesus means Nicodemus must put an end to the way he’s always lived his life and allow the Holy Spirit to raise up in him a new kind of life. When a person is “born again” it is the resurrected life of Jesus that takes up residence within him or her. They begin to live in and through Jesus. The apostle Paul puts it this way in his letter to the Galatians: …It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me… (2:20, RSV). Continue reading

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Losing Control (seventh in a series)

So, was it will power God was looking for in Jesus? Determination to get the job done? I don’t think so. Jesus did not fast in order to see how long he could go without food. Instead he was seeking to empty himself of anything that distracted him from God’s voice and direction. The giving up of food was just a tool in the process of letting go of his own, and anyone else’s, expectations of him. Fasting didn’t prepare him for the ultimate sacrifice God would require of him. Fasting allowed him to be still and attentive so that God could prepare him. Continue reading

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Losing Control (third in a series)

Thirty-one years ago I claimed Jesus as my Savior. But, over time, I lost sight of the fact that he is also my Lord. I stopped seeking his will and direction day by day, moment by moment. I started to assume any choice I made was in keeping with his will for me. I suppose I justified this assumption because I still claimed him as my Savior. Yet, I had conveniently lost sight of the need to continually submit to him as my Lord. I had, in effect, turned Jesus into my co-pilot. Continue reading

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