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Healing Prayer (tenth installment)

Like all prayer, healing prayer is about the relationship between us who pray and our Triune God – and not about the relationship between ourselves and the person for whom we are praying. So the most important thing we can do is listen to the Lord. Listening is a form of obedience – and the Lord always blesses obedience. So when we listen for and wait upon the Lord’s directionwe are able to receive the knowledge, wisdom and faith to do his work and we don’t end up being misled by our feelings for the person for whom we are praying. Neither are we left to pray in ignorance, blindly tossing petitions heavenward, hoping at least one or two will hit the mark. Instead, we are able to pray with insight, which comes from the Holy Spirit who will communicate with us, often through images or sensations or symbols, which indicate to us what direction we should take in our prayer for healing. The more we practice listening to the Lord, the better we become at discerning and acting upon what the Spirit is saying to us. Continue reading

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Healing Prayer (eighth installment)

However, in most mainline and non-denominational churches today
the second part of the charge Jesus gave his followers – heal the sick – seldom accompanies the preaching of the good news. When I was a student in seminary twenty-eight years ago, I could choose from several classes on preaching, but not one class was offered on healing. It never occurred to me the two went together (even though I had thoroughly read the Bible) and my seminary professors never mentioned this point. Only within the past year – after I was stricken with cancer and began to search the Scriptures for God’s word about sickness and disease – have I come to see that preaching and healing both convey the message, “The time has come. The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” (Mark 1:15) Continue reading

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Healing Prayer (fourth installment)

God can raise the dead, rebuild tissue, organs, muscle and bone as well as cure diseases deemed incurable. But those who think that the realm of what is possibleonly covers what has not been deemed “impossible” will have difficulty receiving God’s healing. In fact, they may even reject it, because they’ve already decided, unconsciously, that their illness cannot be healed, because there is no known treatment for it. In receiving prayer for healing we must surrender our judgments, our stipulations and our doubts. Continue reading

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