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Finding Your True Self, part two

When we turn to Jesus and claim him as our Savior and commit to following him as our Lord – actually, our “boss,” as the word in Greek literally means – we are in a sense “losing” our life. We are letting our old life “die-back,” so to speak, by handing over to Jesus control of it. We are in effect saying, “I am choosing now to make what I want what You want.” This is how true freedom begins for each one of us. The way to be free from the tyranny of the natural self is to “lose” our life by turning it over to Jesus. Continue reading

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Finding Your True Self, part one

However, what we must consider is exactly what Jesus is asking us to disown. He is saying we must disown “ourselves” or more specifically, our “natural” self. Our natural self is our personality: our likes and dislikes, our thoughts and habits, the desires of our heart, as well as our unconscious and intuition. Now some of us may be quite satisfied with our natural self, but if we truly saw it for what it is, apart from Jesus, we probably would be quite happy to disown it. Continue reading

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Losing Control (third in a series)

Thirty-one years ago I claimed Jesus as my Savior. But, over time, I lost sight of the fact that he is also my Lord. I stopped seeking his will and direction day by day, moment by moment. I started to assume any choice I made was in keeping with his will for me. I suppose I justified this assumption because I still claimed him as my Savior. Yet, I had conveniently lost sight of the need to continually submit to him as my Lord. I had, in effect, turned Jesus into my co-pilot. Continue reading

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