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Prayer (sixth in a series)

Shame is about humiliation and fear. But with God, we have nothing to fear. He is tender, compassionate and forgiving. He will never humiliate us. Instead, he yearns for us to trust him with the truth we are afraid to admit and to let him pour his love into our hearts. I actually feel good now when I unload my sins before God. Saying, “I’m sorry,” has become a liberating experience instead of a debilitating one because I discovered God has a tender heart for me. Continue reading

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Prayer (fifth in a series)

When we confess, we are acknowledging that God is God (and we are not) by admitting the ways in which we’ve acted as if we are God. Confession clears away the clutter of lies and distortions we’ve hid behind and allows us to turn back and reclaim our rightful inheritance as our Father’s beloved sons and daughters. Continue reading

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