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Prayer (fourth in a series)

The apostle, Paul, regularly gave thanks, even under the most trying or dangerous of conditions. In his first letter to the Thessalonians, he instructs us to do the same, for the sake of our spiritual health. He writes, “Give thanks in all circumstances.” (5:18) Paul discovered that in every situation, good and bad alike, if one is attentive to God, there will be something for which to give thanks. By giving thanks in all circumstances he was protecting himself from the temptation of thinking, in times of great difficulty, that God had abandoned him. Continue reading

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Prayer (first in a series)

People often ask me for advice about prayer, either because they find it difficult to pray, or because their habit of prayer has become stale. I can certainly sympathize with these struggles. For years my prayer life was lackluster, at best, until I discovered that praise and thanksgiving are essential components of prayer. Both had been missing from my prayers. Learning how and why to offer praise and thanksgiving revolutionized my prayer life and drew me closer to the Lord. Continue reading

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