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Bringing Home the Faith (nineteenth installment)

Can you see from the result of these temptations that Jesus was truly happy? He felt totally secure in his Father’s love and care. He didn’t need to prove anything. He trusted in God to provide what he needed most and fear had no hold on his life. He was truly happy because he had completely turned his life over to his Father. In the same way, turning our lives over to Jesus is the only way we can find lasting happiness. Continue reading

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Bringing Home the Faith (eighteenth installment)

However, if you are thinking at this point that allowing Jesus to be Lord of your life does not seem like a very pleasant way to live, I understand. It does sound, at first, as though you will stop being “you”; that your friends will start to think you’re strange and you won’t have fun anymore. But that’s just not true. Only when you give Jesus complete control of your life can you begin truly to become the delightful, kind-hearted, and contented guy you were meant to be. This is the only way you’ll ever find real happiness in life. Continue reading

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Losing Control (fifteenth in a series)

Yet we Christians have a way of excluding our financial resources when we surrender our lives to Jesus. I remember hearing a sermon about stewardship a while back where the preacher made an analogy between Charlemagne’s soldiers, who held their sword above their head when they were being baptized, and modern Christians who figuratively hold above their head their debit and credit cards. His point was that Christians today are no different from those ancient warriors in wanting to be free to use what they hold in their hand for their own purposes – and not place it under the authority of Christ. I think this preacher was on to something. Martin Luther addresses the same problem in the quote above. It is never enough to surrender just our heart and mind to the Lord; we must also surrender our “purse.” Continue reading

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