Cure for the Soul

Dear Readers,

For the time being I will not be able to continue posting every week for my series, Cure for the Soul, due to some health concerns and upcoming surgery.  Instead, I will publish each future installment whenever I am able to complete it.  I anticipate writing at least nine more posts for the Cure for the Soul series.  Whenever I have one ready you will receive an email notice, if you have signed up to follow (subscribe to) the blog.  Or, just check back to Careful for Nothing from time to time.

I am scheduled for surgery in one week to remove a cancerous tumor from my right parotid gland (a large salivary gland below the ear).  I would appreciate your prayers for a successful outcome to the surgery and for a full recovery from the cancer and the effects of the tumor.

In the meantime, in addition to working on Cure for the Soul when I am able, I will be posting occasionally about my journey with the Lord through this illness.  These posts will be shorter and more personal.  I am calling this ad hoc series, Light in the Valley of the Shadow of Darkness.  The first installment will be posted tomorrow, November 30.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Grace and peace in Christ,


About Claudia Dickson Greggs

I am an Anglican priest, author, wife and mother. Writing and teaching about Christian life and faith are passions of mine.
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8 Responses to Cure for the Soul

  1. Molly Painter says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your cancer and surgery. I will pray for “peace which passes all understanding” and a full and uncomplicated recovery. Xo

  2. Lisa says:

    Thinking of you and praying for a supernatural recovery. I know Jesus will be holding your hand every step of the way. With love, Lisa

  3. Colbert says:

    Claudia, you and your family have been and will be in our prayers. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

  4. Wren & Robert Rehm says:

    Dearest Claudia ~

    We are praying for your complete recovery & healing and that Jesus will sustain you, Gil and Caleb throughout this journey. “My soul trustest in thee: (Psalm 57:1)

  5. Patty Donovan says:

    Praying for the Lord to guide the surgeons’ hands and for complete recovery. Blessings to you and your family!

  6. Lynn Edwards says:

    Claudia, I am continuing my prayers for you. May the Lord give you freedom from pain and a complete healing. We prayed for you at the Underwood’s yesterday. You are surrounded by our prayers, love, and support. Please do not push yourself too hard with completing this blog. Your rest is so important at this time. I read Leanne Payne’s book, The Healing Presence that you use in this series. It was quite deep and informative. Because of reading it I am now trying to constantly practice the presence of the Lord in my life and get rid of the practice of the presence of the self. What a challenge! Thank you Claudia for all you mean to me. Love, Lynn Edwards

  7. Claudia, May you feel your burden lightened by the yoke of Jesus. You are not alone in your journey, supported by the prayers of many. You and your family remain in our thoughts and prayers.

    Mary and Paul Schricker

  8. Rick says:

    Continuing to pray for you, Claudia.

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