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Scripture (tenth in a series)

The stories, images and words of Scripture should become our first and foremost frame of reference, so that our purpose and direction in life, our worth, and our allegiance are all defined by God’s word to us and not any other word. Yet, this won’t happen unless we turn to Scripture daily, several times a day, because God’s reality will become increasingly obscure to us, since its so unlike our own, and his unique and truthful voice will be drowned out by the messages and images with which we are constantly barraged. Those messages and images are the default lens through which we view life and unless we work consistently to change that, they will remain so. Continue reading

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Scripture (seventh in a series)

The apostle, Paul, writes in his letter to the Colossians: Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly. When we seek to memorize Scripture we are giving it an opportunity to dwell in (or inhabit) our thoughts more fully and abundantly. As we work at learning and retaining the words and phrases of Scripture they enter ever more deeply into our consciousness. They begin to take up residence in our psyche. Continue reading

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