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Abraham and Isaac, part two

Through his beloved Son, God invites us into the kind of relationship he had with Abraham. We too, can enter into dialogue with God about the things that are important to us. We too get to press God on what he has promised. Yet, as with Abraham, we too must not withhold anything from God. If we cannot place everything we hold dear,including our hopes and dreams, the people we love most, even the very circumstances of our lives before God and say, “Thy will be done,” then we do great damage to our relationship with God. We commit the sin of idolatry. Intimacy and trust, the most important elements in any relationship of significance, are only possible when both parties withhold nothing. Continue reading

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Abraham and Isaac, part one

Instead, the most important questions to askwhen reading the story of Abraham and Isaac have to do with uncovering whatever truth about God, and about ourselves, is being conveyed. Asking what it is we are to learn, to incorporate, into our life of faith, will end up being the most profitable line of inquiry here. Continue reading

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Bringing Home the Faith (nineteenth installment)

Can you see from the result of these temptations that Jesus was truly happy? He felt totally secure in his Father’s love and care. He didn’t need to prove anything. He trusted in God to provide what he needed most and fear had no hold on his life. He was truly happy because he had completely turned his life over to his Father. In the same way, turning our lives over to Jesus is the only way we can find lasting happiness. Continue reading

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