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Healing Prayer (eighth installment)

However, in most mainline and non-denominational churches today
the second part of the charge Jesus gave his followers – heal the sick – seldom accompanies the preaching of the good news. When I was a student in seminary twenty-eight years ago, I could choose from several classes on preaching, but not one class was offered on healing. It never occurred to me the two went together (even though I had thoroughly read the Bible) and my seminary professors never mentioned this point. Only within the past year – after I was stricken with cancer and began to search the Scriptures for God’s word about sickness and disease – have I come to see that preaching and healing both convey the message, “The time has come. The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” (Mark 1:15) Continue reading

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Healing Prayer (sixth installment)

As with the woman suffering from bleeding, the father who is seeking healing for his little girl believes that Jesus has the power to heal and is determined to see that she receives it from him. Yet, even before he makes his request, he first gives Jesus the honor due his name by falling to his feet before him. His was an act of worship before the One who has command over disease – and even death. Like the woman who was healed when she grabbed a hold of Jesus’ garment, he has great faith, which we see in his unwillingness to back off and give in to fear. Our prayers for healing should incorporate these elements. We too, should be worshipful, persistent, and hopeful – not put off by what other people may say or by a disquieting medical report. Continue reading

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