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Prayer (eleventh in a series)

For the past ten weeks I’ve been writing about components of prayer: praise, thanksgiving, confession, petition, and when needed, complaint. In the prayer Jesus taught his disciples, commonly known as the Lord’s Prayer, we see all but one of these elements. This leads me to conclude that genuine prayer almost always includes several components, not just one. Here is a brief summary of each: Continue reading

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Prayer (tenth in a series)

The two verses from Psalm 13 are an example of how “complaint” can be a form of prayer. This is the topic I am addressing this week. In many cultures there are time-honored and acceptable ways for expressing feelings of grief, distress, sadness or righteous indignation… Christians have access to an ancient and more hopeful version of the Blues found in a number of the psalms. Reading through these psalms can provide an effect even more beneficial than singing the Blues because they are in essence prayers – prayers to our God who listens to us with unfailing love and without condemnation. Continue reading

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