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Scripture (fifth in a series)

As I wrote in my third post about Scripture, Moses instructed the Israelites to study God’s words to them throughout their lives. As we study the Bible we discover that God’s reality is quite foreign to our own and his love is far beyond anything we’ve ever experienced. We then begin to realize that a lot of what the world holds dear is not worth much or, is even harmful to our spiritual well-being. Continued study of the Bible teaches us how to conform ourselves to the ways of God instead of to the ways of the world around us. Continue reading

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Martha and Mary (part one)

To our modern ears, it may not sound unusual for someone to want to listen to what Jesus has to say, even if they’re shirking other responsibilities. After all, how often does one get to hear Jesus teach? But in first century Palestine, Mary was doing something shocking, something that only men were allowed to do – and her sister Martha, was quite upset about it. Continue reading

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